Parachute Virtual Services - Virtual Assistant and Event Manager

Parachute Virtual Services, is a virtual office specializing in virtual assisting and event management.

Our company name Parachute stemmed from the fact that we are supporting you through your business growth.  When you started your business, you took a huge and exhilarating leap into the entrepreneurial world.  There is a time that you can support yourself; managing client work, filling orders or creating your product, marketing yourself to potential customers and handling all the administrative tasks that come with running a business.  You are an entrepreneur rockstar and your business is growing.

Even though you are a rockstar at what you do, the hours in the day still stay the same and your to-do list gets larger. You start to become spread thin in resources and time.

That is where we come in and support you in all your business needs.  Like a parachute, we support you and your business, allowing you to “steer” your way to a successful and solid landing.

What is a virtual assistant? Why do I need a VA?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a self-employed administrative assistant, hired by businesses and freelancers to assist with various business tasks.  A virtual assistant works remotely as an independent contractor while providing services to their clients from a home office. Virtual Assistants typically have a niche or an area of expertise such as marketing, event planning, accounting/bookkeeping, concierge, etc.

Hiring a virtual assistant instead of an employee is a cost-effective solution to your staffing needs.  Because a virtual assistant is an independent contractor and not an employee, this saves your business from additional expenses such as employee-related taxes, insurance or benefit packages, holidays or sick pay, office space, furniture and office supplies that can start to add up. All of a virtual assistant’s expenses are built into their fee, with only additional, indirect expenses (once agreed upon) billed back to clients. You are also paying for 100% of your virtual assistants productive time, and only for the amount of time that your tasks require to complete. If you have a slower month due to the natural ebb and flow of your business, there is no need to spend time looking for work to fill downtime when you have a Virtual Assistant.

About Rachel

Since starting her career in the corporate event industry in 2008, Rachel has worked on various critical events for major organizations and associations. Working as both a lead planner and supporting planner on events ranging from 10 – 4000 attendees across North America, she has brought immense energy, unflagging attention-to-detail, and a fresh dynamic perspective to all that she touched.

Once becoming a mother of two sweet boys, she decided to take a break from the wonderful world of corporate events and is now bringing her experience with process, organization and marketing to small businesses who need an extra hand. Rachel has a vast knowledge of general administration, structure, marketing, planning and organization that she has gained from planning these huge events, and is excited about utilizing her skills to provide small and growing businesses with support through their various tasks.  

Rachel loves spending time with her family, Paul (husband), Henry & Hugh (sons) and Heidi (their ball-crazy, Chocolate Labrador).  Spending time outside either in the backyard or at the cottage is where you can find her when she is not behind the computer. Rachel has also been teaching Hatha yoga since 2011, which grounds and calms her during the crazy times’ life brings.

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