At Parachute Virtual Services, we have a wide variety of plans to choose from that best suit your company’s needs. Our services are charged hourly, with plans available hour-to-hour or on a monthly retainer. Our monthly retainer programs feature a lower hourly fee, as they include non-billable time for progress meetings.

Plan Options:

Hourly: If you are unsure how much work you need assistance with or you only need help an hour or two at a time during busy seasons, the hourly fee may work best for you.

Monthly: Monthly retailer packages are purchased month-to-month, and are best for businesses with a steady amount of work. Please note the hours included in the month-to-month retainer package do not roll over into the next month and expire at the end of each month. However, if you choose a 3-month retainer package, you can carry over up to 5 hours from the previous month until your contract end date.

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Monthly Retainer Packages:

10 Hours – includes .5 non-billable hour for a progress meeting

20 Hours – includes 1 non-billable hour for a progress meeting

30 Hours – includes 2 non-billable hours for a progress meeting

40 Hours – includes 3 non-billable hours for a progress meeting

50 Hours – includes 4 non-billable hours for a progress meeting

60 Hours – includes 5 non-billable hours for a progress meeting

If you require more hours we can customize a package for you.  Parachute Virtual Services understands that every client and need is different. Contact us today and let us support you in all your business needs.

*All hourly and retainer projects are billed in 15-minute increments

Next Steps:

How to work with Parachute Virtual Services:

  1. Set up a free 30-minute consultation/discovery call. We will chat about your business, goals, and how we can support you reaching them. Ready to take the jump? Contact us today (link to contact page or email directly).
  2. After the initial consultation call, we will deliver a proposal outlining the services we can offer and our agreed upon fees.  This proposal will be valid for 7 days.
  3. When you are ready to pull the parachute, we will be ready to support you! Once the proposal has been accepted, we will send over an official contract and confidentiality agreement.
  4. After you have signed and returned the contract, you will be sent a Client Welcome Package. This package will include important information outlining how we will work with your business seamlessly and will also give us a chance to dive deeper into getting to know your business. Upon your completion of the package, we will book an onboarding meeting to review the client welcome package together and detail-specific tasks you need us to support you with.

We understand every business is different and operates with programs that are specific to their industry and business owners’ preference. Although we have programs that we use for our own business every day, we are open to using the existing programs and practices that you already have in place. If you’re using a program that we have not yet worked with there’s no need to worry! e are very quick at learning and mastering programs/software and will ensure you do not get charged for any learning curves on our behalf